How to lead a life with honesty

Here some tips which can help to lead you a life with honesty, also make you industries and brings success in your life.
    How to lead a life with honesty
  • Do not leave your works for tomorrow what you can do today. 
  • Do not spend money before you have earned. 
  • Do not buy anything useless on the pretext that it is cheap. 
  • Do not feel never having eaten little. Better to leave the table with an appetite that sick of eating. 
  • The work had done at home not ever get tired. 
  • Do not ask for help for what you can do alone. 
  • Vanity and pride come always more expensive than hunger and thirst. 
  • Things always have to begin at the beginning. 
  • Avoid the worries and sorrows that are only in your imagination and have not happened yet. 
  • Count ten to one before you speak when you are angry or upset and control yourself.

Remember those tips in your daily life, and try to implement.  Its sure, will help you to lead life honesty.

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